This month we are focusing on infidelity. Infidelity has so many layers and for this episode, I am discussing financial infidelity. How does financial infidelity affect relationships? Is it forgivable? Can you move forward? Listen to my thoughts, and also statistics on this. 

The last episode of this series talks about what happens post deployment and how to successfully reiterate back into the system.

This episode follows episode one of our deployment series. During this episode, I talk about things you can do During the deployment phase to help your children cope.

Happy Veterans and Military Family month. This month I will be talking about the stages of deployment and what that looks like for our children.

Listen as I share 4 ways to know that your relationship is over.

September 8, 2020

Hashtag# Marriage Goals

Note: This podcast was recorded two weeks ago.


Who are your marriage goals and why? Today I am discussing marriage goals and why following celebrities is not a good idea.

For this week's Milspouse Monday, I will highlight some lighthearted but important information that military spouses should know.

My husband tried to leave me y'all...or so he said he was. Find out why and comment if you can relate on this topic.

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